TBISS member of AMS-IX

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Following its international connectivity development plan, our company become member of one of the largest Internet exchanges in Europe - AMS-IX.
AMS-IX is a neutral member-based association that operates multiple interconnection platforms around the world. Our leading platform in Amsterdam has been playing a crucial role at the core of the internet for more than 25 years and is one of the largest hubs for internet traffic in the world. Connecting to AMS-IX ensures customers such as internet service providers, telecom companies and cloud providers that their global IP traffic is routed in an efficient, fast, secure, stable and cost-effective way. This allows them to offer low latency and engaging online experiences for end-users.

How this will affect the T BROS Internet mix?

Local exchange (LX) provides fast and reliable access to all services and content provided by other AMS-IX memebers, without traffic depending on international connectivity (in this case T BROS Tier 1 up-links). Companies that have restrictive public peering policies are open to private peering sessions and traffic exchanges. For those with which we have direct connectivity or through other IXs, this is an alternative route, as well as being able to use a selective policy to deliver different content across multiple points.
You can test connection on our looking glass page - lg.tbros.net

T BROS balanced inbound/outbound traffic, as a corporate Internet and content (hosting/co-location) provider, make us preferred peereng partner for CDN & Cloud world leaders. Full dualstack (IPv4/IPv6), as well as presence at many datacenters and IXPs, allow us multipoint connectivity, flexibility, redundancy and highest capacity, reducing latency, access time and improving our Internet mix.