Information about the quality of services provided

1. When providing access services to the internet T BROS Ltd. treats all traffic equally, without discrimination, restriction or interference, regardless of the sender or recipient, the content accessed or distributed, the applications used or provided, or services provided and the end devices used.

2. The speed of the internet access services provided by T BROS Ltd. depends on the network load and the type of terminal device.

3. T BROS Ltd. applies reasonable traffic management measures, described in the applicable General Terms and Conditions and/or the individual service contract and in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

4. T BROS Ltd. will not take traffic management measures that exceed regulatory requirements, such as – blocking, delaying, changing, restricting, interfering, degrading quality or discriminating against specific content, applications, services or specific categories within, except in those cases where it is deemed necessary and then only for as long as is needed:

  • In order to comply with regulations, acts of state bodies, judicial and other public authorities, as well as in compliance with measures required by law
  • In order to preserve the security and integrity of the network, end devices and services provided
  • To prevent imminent network congestion and mitigate the effects of excessive or temporary network overload. Measures taken to manage traffic may affect the privacy or personal data of consumers in accordance with the applicable legislation.

5. Any significant and ongoing or regularly recurring discrepancy between the actual performance of the internet access service in terms of speed or other service quality parameters when the relevant facts are established by the appropriate monitoring mechanism approved by the Communications Regulation Commission, is considered to not be in compliance with law.

6. Cases of end-user complaints regarding rights and obligations in guaranteeing open internet will be reviewed via the procedure described in the applicable General Terms and Conditions, the individual service contract and/or in another appropriate manner in accordance with the applicable legislation.