Maintenance June 2023

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Dear fellow colleagues and partners,

Following out its development program, our company is gradually replacing its backbone network with new 100Gbps equipment.

In the current month /June 2023/ we have planned a replacement of active equipment and re-arrangements of optical connections with our Tier 1 ISPs and IXP /Internet Exchange Points/.

The work activities will be done in following time windows:
June 17 2023 /Saturday/ from 02:00am to 04:00am
June 24 2023 /Saturday/ from 04:00am to 06:00am

During the periods described above, there may be service interruptions with a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

Services that may be affected:
IPv4 & IPv6 ip transit
Global Internet access
Change of route paths
Access to/from hosting and co-located equipmenet

Services that will be not affected:
Layer 2 and VLAN transmission
Multicast transmission
Inter & Intra City and Dark Fiber connectivity
Connectivity between data centers and other PoPs

If you have activity with high urgency in the periods described above, please contact our NOC center for possible reschedule.