Industrial park Sofia-Bozhurishte

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From the end of 2023, TBISS Ltd. operates with full range of its telecommunications services on the territory of the Industrial Park Sofia-Bozhurishte.

Following its development plan, our company concluded a contract with NCIZ /Bulgarian National Company of Industrial Zones/ and built a double optical connection to the territory of the Sofia-Bojurishte Industrial Park, installed the necessary equipment and provided its full range of telecommunication services.

Investors in the area can benefit from :

  • corporate Internet with guranteed symmetrical speed up to 10Gbps each
  • IP transit /international, local-Bulgarian or specific IXP - DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, DATA-IX, BIX.BG or other/
  • connectivity to/from data centers - EQUINIX SO1/SO2, Telepoint Center/East, A1 LIFT, Neterra SDC and etc.
  • metro, intercity and international Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity with QinQ and Jumbo frame and symetric download/upload ratio
  • RDIA /Remote Direct Internet Access/ - remote access to a specific Internet space with the corresponding set of geo-localized IP addresses

Corporate Internet Pricing