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Global peering forum 2023

След почти 3 годишно прекъсване, Глобалния пиеринг форум се провежда в присъствена форма в Сан Диего от 02 до 05 септември. Конференцията събира Internet компаниите от целия свят, където в 3 дневен формат се коментира състоянието и бъдешето на глобалната свързаност. Като член на един от най-големите Интернет ексчейнджи AMS-IX, получихме специална покана и сме представени от нашият CEO - Константин Тернянов.

ipv4 distribution march 2023

Разпределение рутирани IPv4 префикси - март 2023

След поредното разширение на международната свързаност /новата ни 10Gbps връзка с DATAIX, DATAIX-UA и GlobalNet/ ви представяме статистическо изследване върху разпределението на IPv4 префиксите в нашата мрежа, в частност EDGE рутер на компанията.

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T BROS member of DATA-IX

Following its international connectivity development plan, our company become member of another Internet exchanges in Europe - DATA-IX.
The direct connection with 550 ASs, over 133K IPv4 and 46K The IPv6 prefix adds new paths to Internet traffic and provides opportunities for private sessions with content providers and companies that are not represented in Bulgaria. Much of the Internet traffic from Eastern European and Asian countries has connectivity to DATA-IX, as well as a separate mini IX in Ukraine.


Еuropean peering forum 2022

After 2 years absence, Europeen Peering Forum connecting Internet companies.
We received an invitation by AMS-IX, where our company is presented. CEO Konstantin Ternianov scheduled a peer meetings on all event days.


Direct connection (LX) with Apple

After an audit of network traffic, Apple requested direct local exchange with T BROS. Traffic between AS714 (Apple) and AS42295 (T BROS) was rated as "heavy" and "bi-directional" and Apple's network engineers requested 4 private IPv4 and IPv6 sessions in AMS-IX, where both companies have presence.


T BROS member of AMS-IX

Following its international connectivity development plan, our company become member of one of the largest Internet exchanges in Europe - AMS-IX.
AMS-IX is a neutral member-based association that operates multiple interconnection platforms around the world. Our leading platform in Amsterdam has been playing a crucial role at the core of the internet for more than 25 years and is one of the largest hubs for internet traffic in the world. Connecting to AMS-IX ensures customers such as internet service providers, telecom companies and cloud providers that their global IP traffic is routed in an efficient, fast, secure, stable and cost-effective way. This allows them to offer low latency and engaging online experiences for end-users.